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Sunday, 5 November 2017

Make Money Online in Nigeria within 5 minutes without investment ...


How to earn money online without paying anything

From our sources we get to know that, lot’s of our visitors in India, United states, Pakistan and Bangladesh want’s to know How to make money online without paying anything for the investment purpose.  Making money online is very easy if you have little knowledge and skills. There are lot’s of people making money online doing freelance jobs on various site’s like freelancer, fiverr or ubwork and some of them have their own blogs . From all the methods to earn money online on the internet, most of them are not free and you need some investments. In this article I’m going to show you some of the best methods about How to  earn money online without paying anything. From these methods you can make from 10 to 100000’s of dollors every month.


Become a FreelancerBecome a Make youtube videos


You can become a freelancer to make money online without paying anything for Investment. Becoming a Freelancer just like a Part time work from home job. Lot’s of people these days are earning money from freelancing online, some of them have made big companies only with freelancing and made millions of dollars

To become a freelancer you need some skills e.g. web designing, web development, graphic design, article writing, Search engine optimization, Logo designing, guest posting, social marketing, video creation, voice over works, Data Entry, pay per click work, traffic generation, virtual assistant and many others. If you don’t have skills then develop some. If you want to become a freelancer online, you first need to signup on some site’s e.g. ,, and many other. After signing up you have to put your description on profile e.g. your work experience and your skills.

You will not get any clients directly, But if you complete one or two projects, you will start getting lot’s of clients.


If you don’t like to work for other people’s projects, or you love to write and share your experience, then blogging is the best platform for you. Blogging is proved to be one of the best method to earn money online. there are many types of blogging platform’s such as WordPress or blogger. In WordPress you will have to pay some amount of money, and you will get some great features, don’t get panic I know you don’t want to spent any money because you are reading my article about how to earn money online without paying anything  you can go to blogger which is simple and free of cost platform.

How to start blogging :-  To start blogging, you need to choose one specific topic, and gain full knowledge on that particular topic. It’s better to purchase a domain name, which will take up-to #400or 0.99$ to purchase it. If you don’t want to purchase domain, It’s okay. you can create a sub-domain on blogger after signing up.After setting up your blog you can start writing useful articles to 1-2 months and write regularly, after that your website will start raking on search engines and you will start getting some good traffic to your blog.

once after compleating these steps, you can start putting some ads on your blog. You can put ads on your site after signing up on google adsense. Google adsense is a plateform which allow you  to put ads on your website. You can also add some affiliate links on your blog site and sell your products on it.

Blogging is not like a get rich quick sceme, It will take time and hardwork to start getting good income.


If like to make videos and you’re not a camera shy, then youtube is a great platform for you to earn money online without paying anything. You just have to choose a perticular toopic of your choice in which you want to create videos and get started. before choosing your topic, you need to be sure that your topic attract big amount of audiance to watch and share your videos. To  create videos for youtube, you don’t need any specific, professional equipment or big setup, a small earpeace is okay for it.

To start youtubing you need to create a channel on youtube. After making your youtube channel, you can start uploading your videos on your channel. your channel will grow with time and it will get popular if people like and subscribe to it. once you start getting good traffic, you can monetize your youtube channel through Google Adsense and start getting money directly into your bank account.

Thats it thanks for reading my article about how to earn money online without paying anything. if you have any query or suggesion, you can feel free to comment below

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